Our Visual Arts program provides students with opportunities to enrich their experience and appreciation of the Visual Arts through a range of different disciplines while engaging students in conceptual processes and skills acquisition in the creation of dynamic, contemporary artworks which speak powerfully to audiences.
We curate a diverse series of artists residencies throughout the year and these artists work out of the College’s studios, offering our students a unique window into their creative processes. Our artists-in-residence also provide mentoring, encouragement and feedback to our students on their own artworks and promotes the Visual Arts as a valid career path. We are committed to providing these opportunities for artists to focus on their own practice, recognising the importance of process in the development of artworks. 

We also acknowledge the excellence of Visual Arts students in our annual HotHouse Company Invitational exhibition. This solo exhibition is awarded to a student who is practicing outside of their curriculum commitments and has displayed exceptional talent in the Visual Arts. This exhibition allows the student to exhibit their work to a public audience in a formal setting. Essentially, it is their first solo show.

HotHouse Company presents Connected, an annual fundraising community art exhibition for All Saints’ College’s Service partner, Nulsen Group. Artists, students and community members are encouraged to donate an artwork (on a provided canvas) for sale in our online auction. All proceeds raised during this event support the outstanding work of Nulsen Group. 

The College’s Centre for Performing Arts foyer presents a revolving exhibition of works throughout the year that represent the diverse range of skills and processes our students undertake in their study of Visual Arts. These exhibitions are open to the public during Wanju Café opening hours. Our Term 4 Graduate Exhibition highlights the culmination of study in the Visual Arts of our Year 6 and Year 12 students. These exhibitions are also captured digitally to provide an opportunity for all our community members to connect with the artworks of our talented students.